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January 26, 2008



I can't stop staring all of these fabulous photos!! I love each little inch of that area in your home. Look at that cute little dollie...the poor one with the cracked head...gotta love her! GREAT treats...thanks for showing us! :)mendy


Look at all that cool stuff! I would love to go shopping in your closet! xo, suzy


Very fun to see your "closet" it looks adorable and makes me feel sucky because I DO have a room and its a mess. I can barely walk in it. Ugh. Want to come over and help me organize? LOL

Sarah Keith

Oooh! I loved looking at your teeny tiny work space! So many FUN things to work with...just to look at!!! The dollheads scared me though! Ha! Hey, at least you have a place...I live in a tiny 1948 house so the crafting is all done no the dining table. Then I have to constantly clean up.


First of all, a Happy Birthday to your husband, and I hope you enjoy your date!!
Secondly, your craft space is beautiful and charming; I can only dream of having a space as pretty as that someday!! :)

Lisa Johnson

What a great and cute space you have! I think it's just precious. I was wondering why you aren't using the slanty ceiling wall over the work desk. You could put an inspiration/bulletin board there or even another vintage shoe holder for additional storage space. Just a suggestion. I love your blog and seeing all of the pretties you make. Thanks for sharing!



I love your studio!! You have sooo meny beautiful things. Thank you for the great pictures. I cant wait to get my own closit, oh I mean studio. hehehe

Love Julia

Heather - Pretty Petals

Looks so fabulous... such beautiful things to look at in every nook and cranny. It is nice to have it all out and open. You have decorated it so so pretty! I love the container you have your wallpaper in.. I was out today looking for something...anything to make my stash look a bit better. No luck yet!

I have those exact same hanging lanterns.. they are so pretty. Have a great weekend, xo Heather

Pinkie Denise

Wow, everything looks so pretty, I love it! Thanks for sharing your work space, this is so inspiring.....Pinkie Denise

Alison Gibbs

So many treasures in such a small spot. So clever of you to use your work space so well.
Love it.


Now *that* is a closet I could hang out in.


What a wonderful space, I just love how you have everything, decoarated just so, it fits perfectly. My space in our unfinished basement.

linda t

Oooh, I LOVE your lovely craft space!! So enjoyed looking at your creative storage!
WHo doesn't love displaying craft items in glass jars... LOVE all yours!
And I think, the smaller the space the better... so cozy and charming!


Wow!!! It's so gorgeous!!! What a beautiful and inspiring place to create!!
Love the sweet Valentines, too!


Wow!!! It's so gorgeous!!! What a beautiful and inspiring place to create!!
Love the sweet Valentines, too!


Wow!!! It's so gorgeous!!! What a beautiful and inspiring place to create!!
Love the sweet Valentines, too!


I just LOVE & ADORE your craft closet. It's better than what I have. Nothing! hee! hee! Right now I craft in my dining room. You have a done a FABULOUS & BEAUTIFUL job on your closet. Soooo many pretties! It might not be big and spacious, BUT it's still your tiny space of loveliness! Your story cracked me up! Im sure the guys got a hearty chuckle out of your closet. hee! hee! XO,Jenn

Heather Blair

I love it!! What a creative girl you are. Just look at how you put those sparkly letters in that tall jar. I am so stealing that idea!

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto!

Nice blog, and I love your photos!



Lori, I am in love with your craft closet. It is so beautiful and such a fun place to create! I am inspired just by looking at it the pics. Thanks so much for sharing!


Very nice nook to work in! Nice Vintage finds, its like a treasure chest.
Its not the size of the space that counts, its what you do with it.


Very nice nook to work in! Nice Vintage finds, its like a treasure chest.
Its not the size of the space that counts, its what you do with it.

Daisy Cottage

soooooooo beautiful in here - your blog is gorgeous!
I added it to my Blog Candy list. Hope that is okay!


I think your little craft closet is just darling!!! I would love to come and sit on the floor and just look around! You have some delicous looking goodies in there! I'm so jealous!


I think your craft space is darling, and very inspirational. (I especially love all your old hats!) Men just don't get it.


Wow! You certainly got a lot of yummy into that small space! It looks cozy and magical.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, all those fabulous photo's! What a great creative space....I love it! All cozy and warm looking. Just goes to show you, you don't need a lot of space to have it be creative and joyful! Just love it!


Oh, forgot to add....have a great time on your date with your husband...and happy birthday to him!


I love your little closet. I am amazed at how creative you are in decorating it so uniquely. Not a bit of the space is wasted. And I complain that I only have a garage to put my stuff in. You have inspired me to transform my garage and get all the SWAG out of the tubs and buckets and display it in a beautiful way. If I can't see it, I forget it's there. I would love to go antique shopping and flea marketing with you... If you ever come to the San Francisco area, I will be your happy tour guide. We love the same kinds of things... Thanks for the inspirational shot in the arm!



Wow - it looks fantastic! I'm jealous - all of my supplies are spread out around a couple of rooms. I need your organizational skills!


Can I come and live in your craft closet??? It is so pretty and girly!!! I just LOVE it!!! I have a whole craft room and it does not hold a candle to yours.......... mine stays a catch all mess......enjoy yours and thanks for sharing!!!

Maria Rodarte

I love your space. When I first started crafting, I too used a closet. I really liked it. WHen we bought our house. I knew I had to have a studio. but now we have outgrown that too. My poor hubby works from home and has a corner of our room. but im not about to give up my studio..hehe. Hey a girl needs a place of her own. i really do love your space. All the touches are so magical.

Elaine L.

You have sooooooo many beautiful things in such a small, but well-organized space! I love those paper lanterns.


Andrea S.

oh, i love, love, love all of this! Can I move in?

Pat Jochum

Came here from Sandi's blog and love your crafting space. Can't wait to finish my "old" new space. Great job and everything is so beautiful. Hugs, Pat


This is most definitely a case where very good things come in small packages. I'm in love with your craft closet!

sandra @7th St. Studio

Thanks so much for sharing your creative space! I have a friend that just bought a little cottage to fix up and sell and she was worried there would not be a space for her creating...emailing her now to show her yours!! I thought I was the only one with an addiction to creative elements, but when I was your apothocary jar filled with glittered letters, I could hear someone exclaim..." only a dollar, i need all of these!" so glad to see I am not alone in this theory!! So enjoyed the post!!!-Sandra

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